Books to read

Kap & Pen Publications is happy to use this page to recommend books from authors we trust.  Each book has been reviewed prior to submission to this site to ensure it meets our high standards of family values. We hope you will enjoy these books as much as we do!

Martha Greene authors several wonderful books for the home, featuring recipes, ideas, and encouragements.  I list here just a few.  Her website is

  • Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping Skills – This is an awesome book, great for the new bride!  It is also an excellent keepsake book for an established homekeeper.  The uniqueness of this book is that it not only contains a wealth of information on running a home, cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc., it also contains pages where one can journal, add photos, write in their own recipes, etc.  The purpose of that is to pass along ideas, etc., to future generations of family.  There is even a dedication page included, so the mother can designate who is to receive the book after her!
  • The Family Recipe Keeper is a beautiful way to record all your favorite recipes.  Hardbound, top-quality paper – this makes a great addition to your kitchen.
  • Marmee’s Kitchen Primer – excellent resource for getting daughters started in the art of homekeeping, cooking, and sewing.  Lots of neat ideas for making things special around the home.
  • The Young Man’s HandyBook – (co-authored by ME! Gail Kappenman, owner of Kap & Pen Publications).  This book was designed in answer to the call of hundreds of women who wanted something for their boys – not only to be able to learn cooking and simple sewing repairs, but also many other categories: There are sections on fishing, camping, hunting, first-aid, what to do in inclement weather, manners, simple home repairs, whittling, building a log cabin, gardening, making a split-rail fence, knot-tying, and basic.

Rebekah Wilson authors a heartwarming series for girls called Grandmother’s Hope Chest.  In each book, Grandmother teaches Lucy a new sewing stitch.  Each book has a simple sewing project, expertly explained in story format – your daughter will be learning along with Lucy!  Grandmother also tells wonderful stories to Lucy while they are sewing.  This is an excellent way to teach young girls their first handsewing lessons!

Debi Pearl has written an excellent book titled, Created to Be His Help Meet.  The Pearls have had a ministry for many, many years, helping couples get their families on track for the Lord.  This book is convicting, encouraging, challenging, funny, and straighforward – she doesn’t beat around the bush!  If your marriage needs adjusting – it might just be you that needs the adjustment.  She lays out lesson after lesson on how to be the godly wife that our Creator intended for you to be! Warning: if you are not serious about having a godly home and being your husband’s true helper, don’t bother reading this book!

Stacy MacDonald writes a great book encouraging teen girls to accept the parental authority God has placed over them – not just to lead them in the right direction, but to provide them with protection until the time God gives them a husband.  Raising Maidens of Virtue is written in short, simple chapters with interesting stories and anecdotes. This book is actually a fun way for teens to grasp some pretty spiritual challenges.  In this modern world of loose dress standards, loose women, and loose spirituality, Stacy challenges girls to rise above the world’s standards – to be Maidens of Virtue, to stand as an example of Christian purity and godliness.  Every teen girl should be given the opportunity to read this book!

Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn author several fantastic books that are a help and encouragement to families, especially homeschooling families. Their sons have authord some, too. Their daughter, Johannah, draws the most gorgeous illustrations – more detailed than anything I’ve seen in a long time!  Here are just some of the excellent books they produce.

  • Bless the Lord: The 103rd Psalm.  This is simply Psalm 103, King James Version, with beautiful and intricate illustrations drawn by Johannah. This would be a great way to help your child memorize this Psalm – reading it over and over and looking at the illustrations.  I’m telling you – there is so much detail to her pictures, you really cannot see everything the first time through!
  • My Mommy, My Teacher.  Illustrated by Johannah.  Cute little book highlighting all the things a mother can teach her little ones!
  • The Lord Builds the House: The 127th Psalm.  Similar in nature to Bless the Lord.  These books really encourage children to want to read!
  • The Story of Mr. Pippin.  Engaging story of a raccoon named Mr. Pippin.  Illustrated by Johannah.

Other titles helpful for homeschoolers:

  • The Fallacy Detective
  • The Thinking Toolbox
  • Learning Logic at Home
  • Handy English Encoder Decoder

Cynthia Heald has written Becoming a Woman of Prayer.  While this is a small book, it’s not something you read and digest in 3-4 hours.  You will want to study this, chapter by chapter.  It will change your prayer life, your view of yourself, and your view of God – you will be aware of His Holiness and our weakness.  This book will encourage you to spend more and more time at His feet, accepting His guidance and direction in your life.