Favorite Authors

In time, We hope for this to be quite a substantial listing of classic literature. Check back frequently to see who has been added.

Each author listing includes a very short biography and a listing of their works. The authors chosen for this site reflect good standards in their writing. While we have not read every work listed here, of those listed the authors refrain from using profanity or inappropriate scenarios. The works cited should be non-offensive for all family members.  If you know of a work which does not meet this standard, please let us know, and we will remove it from the list.

We encourage all homeschoolers to read from the classic authors – too many curriculums (and especially the public schools) have abandoned the classic authors in favor of “newer” or “21st century” authors.  I feel this is a grave injustice to schoolchildren.  Classic authors were masters at employing the English language, often compelling readers to use a dictionary for now unfamiliar yet colorful words and phrases. They used intelligent vocabulary words that children should know. Too often, our children are not introduced to the classic authors until college. This is a shame!  With so many fantastic and quality works available, children should be encouraged to read stories which inspire character, hard work, honesty, etc.

Anna Sewell
Charlotte Yonge
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Frederick Douglas
George Eliot
L. Frank Baum
Lewis Carroll
Lord Alfred Tennyson
Louise May Alcott
Mary Mapes Dodge